Public Ven Pricing API

This API is designed to provide free public information about Ven pricing relative to other currencies.

current version: 1.0.0
update frequency: 1h
protocol: JSONRPC 2.0


Using JSONRPC 2.0 you are requested to send a JSON payload to the endpoint URL. This payload would contain name of the method to be executed and arguments. You would receive JSON with response. JSONRPC also supports batch calls.



A simple request for testing your API. Will always return "pong"

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Will output list of current prices for 1 Ven in various currencies.

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priceHistory ( currency )

Will provide you with historical data for requested currency.

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listCurrencies ()

Show list of supported currencies and their descriptions.
Will output list of current price of 1 Ven in various currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, etc). This includes current high, low and mid prices. If unsure, use mid price. ts is the timestamp

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