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Device API

  • Created : Feb, 04, 2016
  • Last Updated: April, 15, 2016

Ven is a digital currency which can be used with a wide variety of devices, and you can create an application to perform operations with your Ven automatically.

The Device API is open to authenticated Ven users. For Authentication, please see our section on HubID. To sum it up, the Ven Device API requires an authentication token which can be acquired through our authentication schemas which provide you with an "access token".

Authorities may provide their own authentication methods to grant application users access to their accounts. Here is an example, illustrating Ven integration with "a social network".
1. An application white-labeled under the social network uses their standard user access to securely log-in.
2. A login procedure generates a unique "access token" which is passed back to the device.
3. Device connects to Ven Device API with the newly acquired "token".
4. Ven Device API will connect to an API of the social network to verify the token.
5. Ven API will retrieve the user's unique ID and other information which associates it with their account.
6. Ven Device API will be able to perform any account-related operations.

Devices and Ven

There are a diversity of devices out there which can be used to access accounts like those explained above:

- Mobile Devices running Mobile Apps.
- Generic Public / Private key authentication.
- Ven Coin - contains identification information which can be converted into a token.
- Cards and other means of identification - can use 3rd party authentication/identification supplier to generate and then verify a token.
- Point of sale terminals and payment networks
- Voice and Bio signature recognition can be used with this API.

Limitations and Security

Depending on the strength of the identification method used various limitations may apply. For instance transactions authenticated with NFC could be limited to transactions no larger than 200 Ven in an effort to limit transaction risk.

API Information

current version: 1
update frequency: realtime
protocols: REST, JSONRPC 2.0

For detailed API description please refer to: Ven developer API blueprints