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Realtime Ven Price

  • Created : Feb, 04, 2016
  • Last Updated: April, 15, 2016

To access this API, a unique Ven Authority ID is required. If you are interested in acquiring Authority status, contact us

current version: 0
update frequency: realtime
protocol: JSONRPC 2.0
endpoint: **undisclosed**

he Ven Price changes according to the value of its components. Because underlying component values shift rapidly, we reflect this in the Ven price in realtime. The Public Ven Price API is sufficient if you are willing to display Ven prices on your website, but if you want to do any serious Ven operations / trading, you need to know the exact price at the exact moment of purchase.

At the moment when you perform your transaction you can quickly pull the Ven price from our Realtime Ven Price API. This way it becomes impossible to use pricing lags to take advantage of your Ven trading.

This API is pull-based, however it's recommended that you only request the price when you are about to perform a transaction. For a push-based API, see FIX Market Trading